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Emergency Help Needed Now

cfuller started this conversation

Emergency Please Help Me.

I am currently unemployed only getting 250.00 in child support a month. My expenses are 4x this amount. I am in the process of getting my truck repossed. The company said if I get at least 400.00 that they wouldn't bother me for a while. So I am trying to raise that.

I would rather pay it off. I owe 7,382.47. This is what I am shooting for so that I look for a job and not work about my car being repossed.

I am just trying to get these things done because most of my money that I get in child support is going to the electric bill (total electric) and gas because it is too high. If I can get these things done, it would be a great burden off of me. Please help me. I am accepting paypal payments @ and Mail: C. Fuller, 100 Castor Drive, Apt F9, Norcross, Ga 30071. Thank you so much.

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woman in a shoe   in reply to SNOW0316
Hi sign up for welfare and wic. But all we can do on here is give u information where u mite get help. Type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county state u will fine a lot of info for help with they got the funds
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Emergency please help I have three kids and no job I only get 125.00 a month for child support my third child is only three weeks and I need all the help I can get please someone help me but not for me my kids is why I need the help they come first always.
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Hello, i would like to start off by introducing myself and explaining why i am writing this question in such desperate need of help. I am a geatful wife and a proud mommy to a 6 and a half year old boy named Anthony. This past year has been very difficult this winter, my husband got laid off and since then he has had no luck finding something steady or anything at all. I have been seeking very desperately for anything part time even if possible to make money to pay our Rent, Bills and expenses. I have posted ads posting what work experience i have and what work i can do, such as cleaning houses, walking dogs, babysitting etc, but so far NO LUCK. We are in emergency need of money to pay our rent and bills most importantly. I am also in need of clothes myself and hygiene products. We pay $900 rent monthly and bills have piled up like never before. I am not forcing or asking for a huge donation of cash or free money, not at all. Just help, help on advice or ideas on where to direct me to get some help or maybe parttime job? i am so so sorry if i have took up some of anyones time with my issues but i thought i would give it a shot and try to see if i get a reply or some help. I am not ashamed of my desperate cry for help because i know there are many like myself out there in need and some way some how god makes those miracles in helping everyone, because my faith in god is so strong i believe we will get back to normal soon, and my son reminds me everyday how much to appreciate the smallest things in life.

we are located in westchester county and its three of us

god bless everyone
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I need help as well i just had my oights turned off and i have a 5 month old daughter i owe almost 1000 dollars to the light company that is why they turned off my lights please i would be very thankful i pray to god everynight for a miracle but nithing has come and ut is starting to get hot my daughter really needs this. I was just let go from my job because i threatened a head in charge with sexual harassment. I have tried everything in the world even human services they have no funds right now to help anyone with their lights please god someone help my daughter and i please. Email me at put ill help in the subject line or ***** and your comment in the subject line so that i know you are emailing me about this post please help a mother and her only child
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 in response to ylnd44...   no
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hi , i recently lost my home due to loss of my job, me and my three children had to move in with my aunt. iam grateful for her help, but i can sure use some help getting back on my feet, getting our own place, we are all sleeping in one room. i seriously am struggling hard with not having our own space, i am still on the job hunt, and not much luck so far. if anybody knows any resources, help lines or can help with this crisis i would surely appreciate it, god bless all of you and i hope you get help too.
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hello.. i am a brand new mother of twins... one boy and one girl.. they r 9 days old today... i had them one month early... my little girl is still in the hospital.. her lungs were not developed fully and she will not eat from a bottle they r tube feedin her through her nose... it is so hard watchin my brand new baby girl go through this... and as if that is not enough i am completely broke... i have used all the money i had drivin back and forth between the hospital and home and it is a two hour trip one way... gas is high...i had to stay in bed for the last three months of my pregnancy and was unable to work at all... and my boyfriend had a heart attack a month ago and lost his job... we have not had any income in a while and was not even able to prepare properly for the twins... i am loseing my house i do not have the funds to pay rent, lights, or the water... they said if it is not paid by the 5th then i will have ten days to get out... i am going crazy.... i am willing to cut grass, clean houses, answer phones, or anything anyone would need help with... i am tryin my best... my babies do not even have a crib to sleep in.. when i get them home i will have to put them in a dresser drawer... i do not know what to do this has all been very hard for me to admitt and i feel like a horrible mother and person.... but i have had to swallow my pride and ask for help and if there is anyone out there in the world that would be willing to let me work for a little bit of money to get my bills paid and buy my babies stuff then please contact me at 813 426 4763... i am not lookin for hand outs.. i am willing to work and pay people back... i will do whatever i can please please someone help me!!!!
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Hello i am a single mother with 4kids n ineed of help to pay my gas n electric bill please i have no income no way to get anywhere n im stuggleling BIG time i need help n i cant aforrd to lose my gas or electric please help me...
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Please Help me!!! Due to my local medicaire (QMB) making a mistake on my application, the social security is going to deduct a large amount out of my disabilty checks. I am working on getting the QMB thing straightened out, but, I need help to pay my bills right now, the amount i will recieve from social security will not even cover half of my monthly expenses, such as rent utitlities etc. My car is almost on it's last string, and to makle matters worse, my step-brother, whom i raised, who is much younger then me and has a mental disorder, recently trie to commit suicide. :-( I have a paypal account, the paypal id is: I am disabled and have no other source of income.

Please help me! if you are looking and are unable to help, if you believe in a higher source, please keep myself and my step-brother in your prayers.


Thank You in advance for your help.

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Talk to bound2luvu

I really need help.  My husband is a salesman and nothing is selling!  He's a good salesman so I know nothing selling for sure.  He is trying to find a new job.  I am disabled with chronic abdominal wall neuopthy and Social Security is a slow slow process. My electric, water, and phone are due for shut off this week!!  My medicine is due tomorrow!  We have $6.00 left and my husband needs that and more for gas for job-seeking.  I don't know what to do!  Please help me, I can't believe I found this site.  If you know a way to help, please tell me, or help me!

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have you received any help yet

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